Today in the city Etna 20.08.2017
How Will The White Walkers Get Past The Wall On Game Of Thrones?

Jon Snow has made it very clear that he doesn't care who sits on the Iron Throne. He's just worried about stopping the White Walkers from making it past the wall. Fans of Game of Thrones may question...

Ask Ethan: Do Black Holes Grow Faster Than They Evaporate?

Hawking radiation tells us that black holes decay, if only you wait long enough. But what if they continue to grow, too?

3 Dirty Dividends To Sell Immediately

Don’t take any dividends for granted today. Business disruption is accelerating as entire industries are being eaten alive!

Charlottesville and Stellenbosch: twin towns hiding a history of oppression

The university towns in Virginia and South Africa are picturesque on the surface. But a closer look reveals another similarity: a sense of ‘genteel denialism’John Edwin Mason first visited South Afric...

Fourth time lucky? Former model Hope Hicks is Trump's new spin doctor in chief

The PR executive, 28, is currently director of strategic communications but now steps into the gap left by Anthony Scaramucci It has eaten up and chewed out three Trump operatives, and now the job of...

Little League World Series 2017: Friday Scores, Bracket Results and Highlights

The 2017 Little League World Series rolled on Friday with the second set of opening-round games from Volunteer Stadium and Howard J. Lamade Stadium in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Teams from the...

8 tips for staying healthy this back to school season

Staying healthy at any point in the year requires effort and time, but the stress and change of pace when starting the school year makes it seem especially hard to keep up with healthy habits.  B...

Attention, Fans: Please Do Not Steal Clothes From Your Favorite Celebrities

When we head to the beach, it's all about relaxing, letting loose, and forgetting all of our troubles. That's pretty much what it's like for most normal people. But going to a public beach as a celebr...

Ask Ethan: Where Does Quantum Uncertainty Come From?

You can't know both position and momentum to arbitrary accuracy at the same time. Here's the fundamental reason why.

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